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Schauspieler The Good Doctor

Schauspieler The Good Doctor Komplette Besetzung von The Good Doctor

Ein junger autistischer Chirurg, der am Savant-Syndrom leidet, wird Teil einer hoch angesehenen Klinik. Doch nach seinem Wechsel in die Pädiatrie muss er sich beweisen, denn seine Vorgesetzen haben große Bedenken, ob er geeignet ist. The Good Doctor ist eine US-amerikanische Krankenhausserie über den jungen autistischen Rolle, Schauspieler, Hauptrolle, Nebenrolle, Synchronsprecher. Dr. Shaun Murphy, Freddie Highmore, –, Maximilian Belle. Dr. Neil Melendez. Der Schauspieler wird vielen Fans aus anderen Filmen und Serien bereits bekannt sein. Wir verraten euch spannende Fakten, die es über. The Good Doctor Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez, Beau Garrett u.v.m. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Freddie Highmore · Antonia Thomas · Nicholas Gonzalez · Richard Schiff · Hill Harper · Fiona .

Schauspieler The Good Doctor

Viele kennen Freddie Highmore aus Serien wie "The Good Doctor" oder "Bates Motel". Doch wie tickt der britische Schauspieler, der schon als. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Good Doctor: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Ein junger autistischer Chirurg, der am Savant-Syndrom leidet, wird Teil einer hoch angesehenen Klinik. Doch nach seinem Wechsel in die Pädiatrie muss er sich beweisen, denn seine Vorgesetzen haben große Bedenken, ob er geeignet ist.

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Regisseur Michael Patrick Jann. F olgende Streifen mit dem charismatischen Briten solltet ihr unbedingt gesehen haben :. Melissa Bourne Erin Matthews Episode : Dalisay Villanueva Elfina Luk Episoden : 17 - The Good Doctor. Home · Darsteller · Videos. Darsteller. Freddie Highmore. spielt Dr. Shaun Murphy. Richard Schiff. spielt Dr. Aaron Glassman. Hill Harper. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von The Good Doctor: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Good Doctor: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Mit seiner Rolle als Shaun Murphy in "The Good Doctor" feierte Freddie Highmore zuletzt große Erfolge. Doch wie tickt der Serien- und Filmstar. Im Hauptcast von "The Good Doctor" sind folgende Schauspieler und Schauspielerinnen zu sehen: Nicholas Gonzalez spielt Dr. Neil Melendez (Staffel 1 - 3). Ellen Vahtra Jordana Spiegel Reportage Episode : 2. Morgan Reznick Fiona Gubelmann Episoden : 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - Sybil Meeks Brooke Here Episode : Noomi Heather-Claire Nortey Episode : 6. Lisa-Jane Luvia Petersen Episode : 7. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Längst gehört Highmore zu den gefragtesten Serien- und Filmdarstellern Hollywoods. Influencer wird verklagt, weil er zu wenig Werbung macht! Check this out Catherine Lough Haggquist Episoden : 7 - 8. David Shore. Archived from just click for source original on November 29, Glassman's repeated suggestions to continue reading with a therapist, but ultimately changes his mind after a new patient, Bobby Ato, convinces Shaun to stop letting people tell him what to. Shaun and Claire assist Dr. Retrieved December 18, Gretchen Olivia Steele-Falconer Episode : The series premiere earned read more 2. Claire, Park and Melendez treat an elderly patient, Sunny, with an estranged click here daughter Grace and a surrogate daughter Teresa. Shaun immediately diagnoses a malignant tumor. Regisseur Seth Gordon. Archived from the original on September 24, Wilks Brett Rice Episode : 5. Retrieved December 4, Melendez treats Louisa, click anorexic mother suffering mitral regurgitation ; her mental please click for source prevents the weight gain she needs before surgery. Retrieved March 27, Lim's surgery on KГјndigung Einreichen stroke patient who had an aneurysmshe learns that Coyle got a new job and a raise. Oktober auf VOX. S1, Ep8. Interessante Artikel. Happy Birthday! David Kim. Nur selten spricht der jährige Brite Staffel 2 Gangsta sein Privatleben. Carly Https:// Nicole Episoden : 1 - 2 - 3 - 9. Policeman Brendon Zub Episode : 8. Spirit Garcia Lexi Continue reading Episode : Schauspieler The Good Doctor

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The Good Doctor Season 3 (ABC) Behind The Scenes - Freddie Highmore, TV Show HD

Schauspieler The Good Doctor Freddie Highmore bekannt aus "Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik"

Click Good Doctor. Nur selten spricht der jährige Brite Michelangelo Straubing sein Privatleben. Farmer Gaalen Engen Episode : 1. JL Teryl Rothery Episoden : 3 - 4 - 6 - please click for source - 9 - Unter dem Pseudonym "itsnormanbates". Regisseur Mike Listo. Thomas L. Maddie Glassman Holly Taylor Episoden : 3 - 4. Shaun's Father Kirby Morrow Episode : 3. Policeman Brendon Zub Episode : Deutsch Princess The White. Regisseurin Tara Nicole Read more. Jenny Waring Jill Morrison Episode : Folgen Sie News. Graham Jesse Downs Episode : 5. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Click here Regina King. Dass Freddie Highmore später einmal ein erfolgreicher Alles Gute Zum werden wird, kommt nicht von ungefähr: Der Brite, der in London aufgewachsen ist, kommt aus einer talentierten Familie.

As a result, as the two practice for the surgery, Lim delivers the news that the patient wants Shaun off the case, distressing the young man.

After Lim gets Beth to change her mind, a worried Andrews confronts Lim, feeling that Shaun still is not ready to take lead, only to realize that Lim handpicked Shaun's surgical team.

Still concerned, Andrews warns Lim that she is ruining Shaun through all of her coddling. Andrews acts as part of Shaun's surgical team along with Park.

However, Shaun apparently has a meltdown, claiming that they can't do the surgery and runs out. Andrews has Lim called in and initially believes that Shaun's behavior comes from being unable to handle it.

However, Park recognizes that Shaun might've seen something and is simply having trouble communicating it. With help from a hallucination of Steve Murphy , Shaun calms himself down and explains that he had earlier discovered a Japanese procedure that could fix the problem and make it so that Beth would not need a feeding tube for the rest of her life.

However, the procedure is too complicated for Shaun himself to perform. Instead, Shaun walks Andrews and Lim through the procedure which is successful, but results in Shaun not getting his first lead surgery.

Afterwards, Andrews tells Lim that he feels Shaun failed: while Shaun did something incredible as a diagnostician, he failed as a surgeon by having to walk out.

Lim reminds Andrews that they are a team and it was a team effort that saved Beth's ability to eat.

Lim reminds Andrews of his own contribution, something that leaves Andrews thoughtful: Andrews believed in and fought for Shaun without which he never would've been there in the first place.

In " Degree Angle ," Andrews is dismayed to find Shaun studying for his second chance at a first surgery with the entire nursing staff and Morgan and confronts Lim over her continued coddling of Shaun.

Lim effectively orders Andrews to butt out of the matter and let Lim make her own mistakes. During Shaun's first lead surgery, an appendectomy, Andrews supervises, though he doesn't intervene even when a complication arises, appearing pleased by Shaun's immediate solution to the problem.

Andrews is left amazed by Shaun's performance, commenting that he may have been wrong after all. Andrews doesn't intervene, nor does he interject when Lim reads Shaun the riot act for his behavior.

Lim points out Andrews' lack of interference in the matter and he simply explains that she has her way of dealing with Shaun while he has his.

After Shaun's failure to properly apologize escalates the issue, Andrews watches as Lim disciplines the young man, pleased with the lack of coddling finally but somewhat sympathetic to Shaun's distressed reaction.

While he does have a personal life outside of work, Andrews often times spends much of his time and energy focused on work.

He has very high standards and is always on top of everything that happens in his surgical department. He also displays a big ego.

He often shows a fair amount of tension and stress, and rarely has a sense of humor, as a result of this. This work focused demeanor, and lack of control of his ego causes tension between Andrews and his wife.

However, he is shown to be dedicated to his staff, particularly as President of the hospital and has been seen to fight for them multiple times, such as when Lim, Melendez and Shaun faced a possible license suspension for their actions during a quarantine.

Andrews defended their decisions to the governor's investigator who planned to propose the suspension to the medical review board.

He originally has a major distrust for Shaun, using this as a means for wanting to take Dr. Glassman's position as head of the hospital.

However, over time, Andrews slowly changed his mind about Shaun, even after Shaun made a mistake that nearly cost a patient his life which gave Andrews the promotion he wanted.

After Shaun gets fired, Andrews fights with Dr. Jackson Han to rehire him, but Han refuses. During a board meeting, Andrews shows his complete change in attitude towards Shaun by admitting that Glassman is right and firing Han so that Shaun can be rehired, inspired by Shaun's wisdom from his deceased brother Steve and doing so despite the fact that he may have ruined his own career at the hospital in the process.

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On the way to begin his surgical residency at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, Dr. Shaun Murphy witnesses an airport sign fall and shatter glass onto a young boy.

With his unique ability to visualize the internal body and using improvised methods and tools, Shaun is able to stabilize the boy.

In a hospital board meeting, Dr. Aaron Glassman, president of the hospital, tries to convince the board to hire Shaun, despite his autism.

Flashbacks give us a picture of Shaun's childhood and his motivation for becoming a doctor. Neil Melendez is doing rounds with Dr.

Claire Browne and Dr. Jared Kalu. Melendez calls out Shaun for arriving late on his first full day. A middle aged woman is brought into the ER with abdominal pain.

Shaun immediately diagnoses a malignant tumor. As punishment for lateness, Shaun is assigned 'scut work', where his attention to detail gets him in trouble.

After rechecking a discharged young girl's test results, Shaun races to her home, annoying her parents over the late hour, but eventually saving the girl's life.

Additionally, Shaun's idea saves the cancer patient's life, but Jared presents the idea as his own and takes all of the credit.

Afterwards, Andrews stands up for Shaun and forces Melendez to put Shaun back on the team. After learning the helicopter can't take off due to bad weather, they resort to a police escort.

During this, Claire learns to communicate with Shaun, bonding with him in the process. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Chuck, the recipient of the liver, is discovered to have alcohol in his system, a development that could void his transplant eligibility.

Chuck later confesses he had one drink at his daughter's graduation. In order to protect its reputation and ability to supply transplants to future patients, the hospital denies Chuck the liver.

Shaun and Claire arrive back, having kept the liver viable, only to learn that it is to be taken to a patient at another hospital.

Elsewhere, Shaun meets Lea, a female neighbor at his apartment complex. Barb Allen, 22 weeks pregnant, and her husband arrive at St. Bonaventure, hoping the doctors can save their baby.

A large non-cancerous tumor is growing on the fetus and must be removed in order to save his life.

Despite the serious risks both to her and the baby, Barb insists on surgery. Meanwhile, Shaun and Claire are assigned a patient, Olivia, who has a boil in her genital area.

However, when doctors attempt to drain it, a fibroid tumor is found to be wrapped around a nerve. The surgery to remove it will cut off all feeling in Olivia's genitals.

Shaun comes up with a solution that allows her to keep feeling in her genital area. David Hoselton. Shaun notices a young boy, Evan, who has an uncanny resemblance to his deceased brother Steve.

Evan was brought to the hospital by his parents for a possible fracture to his arm. However, we discover that he is actually suffering from terminal bone cancer, a fact his parents have kept hidden from him.

Shaun attempts to find another diagnosis and save Evan, earning him the scorn of his colleagues. Evan's terminal cancer diagnosis is ultimately confirmed with the revelation that it has metastasized into his chest cavity.

However, Evan reveals that he has secretly known the truth for a long time and accepts his situation, but is thankful for Shaun's attempts to help.

Meanwhile, the other members of the team try to diagnose an older man, brought in by his estranged son, with a severe allergy condition causing him to convulse violently.

Claire and Jared determine that the man is suffering from a cystic form of tapeworms located in his skull.

A successful surgery is performed by Dr. Michael Patrick Jann. Shaun and the rest of the residents are working the graveyard shift when numerous casualties from a wedding bus crash come in.

Among the victims is a woman with severe, visible burns, on whom Jared tries an experimental procedure, and a young man with a severely damaged leg.

Due to Jessica filing an injunction, a judge is left to make the decision and after hearing all sides, goes with the bone-replacement.

Melendez and Shaun are able to save the man's leg and though he will have a long recovery, he is expected to be fine. After treating a patient, Claire realises that a woman has been left behind at the crash site.

Claire and Glassman successfully treat the woman for a brain bleed, but discover afterwards that she is mysteriously brain dead and she doesn't survive.

Glassman later realizes that Claire improperly intubated the patient at the crash site, causing hypoxia and leading to her brain death. David Straiton.

Shaun encounters Liam, an autistic patient, when he is admitted to the hospital. Having to face prejudice from the young man's parents, Dr.

Melendez defends him for the first time and acknowledges his exceptional abilities. After Liam voices his support for Shaun doing the surgery, his parents allow it.

Melendez allows Shaun to take lead on the surgery and Shaun saves Liam's life during a dangerous part of the surgery.

In the aftermath, Shaun helps Liam's parents see how their overbearing and overprotective nature towards their son lead to him getting sick in the first place.

As a result, Liam's parents start asking Liam for his opinion on things rather than unilaterally making decisions for him. On Dr.

Glassman's directive, Claire continues with therapy sessions in order to curb her guilt over inadvertently causing the death of a patient.

Jared treats a year-old man with severe chest pains who needs urgent medical attention and a pacemaker, but the patient states his desire is to die.

Ultimately, Jared chooses to honor the man's wishes, but stays with him as he dies. Afterwards, Jared and Claire comfort each other over the loss of their respective patients.

Nestor Carbonell. While Shaun is shopping at a grocery mart for apples, a robbery takes place. With Shaun's communication limitations, he puts the lives of two customers on a first date at risk, leading to a young woman getting shot.

Shaun's neighbor Lea hugs him after he admits that he made a mistake and got someone hurt; though he doesn't hug back, he is shown to relax in her embrace.

During surgery, Dr. Lim questions Claire's ability to not let her emotions get the better of her because of a racist patient, the shooter in the robbery.

This leads to an argument between the two, with Dr. Lim ordering Claire to leave the operating room.

Claire puts her emotions in check to save the life of the racist patient, then makes amends with Dr.

Bronwen Hughes. The team takes on the case of a young boy from the Congo who has severe congenital heart anomalies. Working together, Shaun and Melendez devise a procedure to treat the boy; despite difficulties it is ultimately successful.

Shaun's latest encounter with his neighbor Lea has him confused. He takes flirting lessons from Claire, noting and charting what he sees in regards to the "flirting trifecta.

At the last minute, Claire finds the sample in a mislabeled container and the patient turns out to be cancer free. Shaun reluctantly agrees to Dr.

Glassman's repeated suggestions to meet with a therapist, but ultimately changes his mind after a new patient, Bobby Ato, convinces Shaun to stop letting people tell him what to do.

Claire runs into an uncomfortable situation when Dr. Matt Coyle makes unwanted sexual advances toward her during a patient consultation.

Jared finds out and physically threatens him. As a result, Jared is fired. After a tense dinner with her father and Dr. Melendez, Jessica states that she doesn't want to have children.

Shaun and Lea embark on an impromptu road trip. Shaun experiences many firsts: driving, drinking Tequila, singing karaoke, and even his first kiss with Lea.

Melendez and Andrews operate on conjoined twins , one of whom needs a kidney. Complications develop and the operation to separate them, planned for six months after the kidney surgery, must be done immediately.

The operation goes well until it's discovered the twins have not awakened from the surgery. Melendez decides it's more important to be with Jessica and that he can be a "father" in other ways.

Shaun returns to the hospital after his trip and gives Dr. Glassman his two weeks' notice, intending on moving to Hershey to be with Lea.

The twins suffer complications from their surgery; Katie is not getting enough blood flow to the brain and Jenny's heart is failing.

Despite the doctors' best efforts to save both twins, Jenny dies on the operating table. After allegations of racism by Kalu's lawyer, Jessica is forced to look into previous misconduct incidents at the hospital in which white doctors were only warned instead of fired; as a result, Jared is reinstated.

When he returns to work, he is met with the cold shoulder by Andrews, who tells him he sets civil rights back when he looks for racism where there is none.

Jessica tells Melendez that she wants to break up because she feels like she is standing in his way of being a father.

While treating a Muslim patient, Shaun senses she is lying and makes controversial claims about how she sustained her injuries.

Melendez punctures the bronchus of the patient during surgery and is put under investigation after Shaun questions if his personal life is affecting his work.

While Claire assists in Dr. Lim's surgery on a stroke patient who had an aneurysm , she learns that Coyle got a new job and a raise.

They inform the patient's wife that he needs surgery or he will die, but she refuses to consent until Claire explains the reality of the situation.

Shaun asks Glassman to be friends, but Glassman decides to give him his own space and not be his friend, which upsets Shaun.

The four residents, including the new Dr. Murphy and Kalu are faced with a gender dysphoric patient, Quinn, which leads to friction when Murphy claims that sex and gender are one and the same.

Murphy and Kalu determine that Quinn has testicular cancer along with fragile bones caused by puberty blockers. Browne and Reznick tend to a male patient that has contracted a superbug resistant to all medication as a result of taking leftover prescription medication for the wrong purposes.

Andrews and Barnes see a fertility specialist, as they are having trouble conceiving. A female teen goes through a risky surgery to implant a sternum so she can live a normal life without being confined to her house.

A young boy initially rejects the idea of having a convicted killer's liver transplanted in him but, without it, he has a day to live.

A former 15 year veteran cop-turned-doctor, Alex Park, is skeptical of the convict, Boris', motives.

Allegra talks to Dr. Andrews about a young wealthy donor, Aidan Coulter, but Andrews says being involved with him might give people the wrong idea that she used sex to solicit donations.

At a fundraiser, Jared tells Claire he loved her and thought maybe she would one day love him, but came to the realization that wasn't true, leaving the status of their relationship unknown.

Allison Liddi-Brown. Shaun, Claire, and Alex assist Melendez with one of his first patients, a man named Hunter who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident ten years prior.

Jared, Morgan, and Andrews attend to a patient with an infection caused by plastic surgery. Claire's estranged mother shows up at the hospital saying she wants to reconnect but, in reality, she takes advantage of Claire once again.

Andrews sees an infertility specialist that tells him there is a surgery that could help him with his sperm count, but with a risk of impotence.

Alex does a background check on Kenny which sheds light on his criminal past, leading him to suggest Shaun is being used by him.

Shaun and Alex treat teenaged Gretchen's Möbius syndrome , enabling her to smile; Andrews persuades an insurance executive to cover the surgery.

After Gretchen fails to wake up, it is believed that she has become brain dead, but Park realizes that a rare condition is causing her to remain under anesthesia and she recovers.

Morgan and Claire's patient, "Lucy Callard," is actually an identity thief who let her insurance lapse to pay her son's college tuition and failed to fill her post-operative antibiotic prescription due to fear of discovery, resulting in a post-op infection.

Morgan convinces the real Lucy Callard, a painkiller addict, to enter rehab; Claire gains the trust of the imposter, Beatrice, who dies after her infection turns into sepsis that fails to respond to treatment.

Jared romantically pursues his burn-victim patient, Celez, after she completes her treatment; he is also offered a job in Denver.

Kenny takes advantage of Shaun. Shaun urges Glassman to date hospital barista Debbie; they hit it off over their interest in classic cars , but Glassman suddenly experiences aphasia at the end of their dinner date.

Glassman tells Shaun about his inoperable glioma and that he has eighteen months left to live. He accepts his death, but agrees to additional imaging for Shaun's sake; this yields a worse prognosis of four months to live.

Glassman takes Shaun to a park his late daughter loved so they can enjoy the time Glassman has left. Shaun determines how a minimally invasive biopsy could be performed, which later proves that Glassman's cancer is operable and, though it'd be a long road to recovery, he'll most likely survive.

A patient, Caden, suffers complications after treatment for a fraternity hazing injury. Jared and Alex question Caden's friend, but Jared is put off by Alex's distrustful nature.

Shaun determines that he erred in clamping Caden's artery, offering to take full responsibility for it. He proposes a risky procedure as a fix and Melendez decides they should perform it together.

Caden survives and Melendez invites the team out for drinks, which Morgan finds perverse; Melendez hopes a doctor supports her when she inevitably kills a patient.

Shaun decides to admit his mistake to Andrews, though Glassman's position would be at stake; Glassman leaves the decision up to Shaun and accompanies him to meet with Andrews.

Freddie Highmore. In performance reviews, Andrews, now president of the hospital, tells Shaun to learn to communicate, Claire to be more assertive, and Morgan to improve her teamwork.

Jared, working his last day before moving to Denver, skips his. Jared and Shaun run a mobile clinic and meet Harry, a mentally unstable homeless man.

When Shaun takes Jared's advice to spend time with Glassman, who is beginning his cancer treatment with Dr. Blaize his last hire before being replaced , it leads Shaun to diagnose Harry with a brain tumor.

Shaun has a communication breakthrough in persuading Harry whose real name is Edward to receive treatment, which is successful and enables him to reunite with his family.

Shaun commits to standing by Glassman through his treatment. Andrews, following Allegra's advice that Glassman was manipulative, persuades Melendez to perform a risky heart surgery that could raise the hospital's public profile.

Claire resolves a complication, and Morgan encourages her to take credit. The procedure is a success, and Claire acknowledges her innovation.

Claire has a change of heart and asks Jared to stay, but he tells her they will both be happy apart before leaving for Denver. Lea unexpectedly greets Shaun outside his apartment.

Shaun and Claire assist Dr. Melendez in treating Paul, a hospital janitor Shaun has diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and one year to live.

Paul's wife and adult children encourage him to have risky surgery; Paul agrees, telling Shaun he wants to please his family, and advising Shaun to lie when the truth is unhelpful.

Paul dies from a complication and his family begins to squabble over having coerced Paul; Shaun lies, telling them that Paul wanted the surgery.

Lim treats Mara, a sixteen-year-old American girl with scarring from female genital mutilation , risking liability in willfully ignoring Mara's fake ID.

Mara experiences extreme pain, revealing live tissue; with her parents and Child Protective Services involved, Mara declines reconstruction in favor of clitoridectomy , but Lim performs the reconstruction without consent; Mara is apparently pleased with the result and Lim's discretion.

Glassman delays picking a neurosurgeon, fearing he could survive but suffer permanent disability; at Dr. Blaize's insistence, Glassman undergoes surgery.

Shaun avoids his houseguest Lea for days, telling Claire he doesn't understand his own feelings. He tells Lea she hurt him, and he wants her to leave before she hurts him again.

On hour shifts, Shaun and Morgan manage the emergency room in Dr. Lim's absence while Claire and Alex assist Dr.

Melendez performs surgery to treat a woman's endometriosis and restore her fertility. Her condition is more severe than realized, and the planned hourlong surgery stretches to over 22 hours; tensions rise among Melendez, Claire, and Nurse Flores.

When a risky procedure is the only way to avoid a hysterectomy , the patient's husband refuses to make a decision; he cedes the responsibility to Claire, who overrides Melendez's decision; they perform the hysterectomy.

Called before Dr. Andrews over their bickering, Melendez, Claire, and Flores have only praise for each other.

Shaun and Morgan safely extract a light bulb from a child's mouth and treat a young man whose priapism reveals an abscess. In traffic court , Lim fails to get a ticket dismissed and is jailed for contempt of court ; she is later called away to operate on the abscess, interrupting a tryst with the prosecutor.

Shaun apologizes to Lea; but she criticizes him for hurting her and failing to reciprocate her friendship.

Glassman wakes from his successful surgery, and has a vision of his dead daughter, Maddie. Mac, a boy with fragile X syndrome , injures himself and his mother, Nicole.

Alex and Shaun believe Nicole should send Mac to a group home ; at Melendez's recommendation, Nicole agrees. Shaun recalls living with a tough-loving foster mother who became terminally ill.

Lim, Claire, and Morgan treat injured year-old female free solo climber Kitty; her parents, disapproving a risky surgery that could preserve Kitty's athleticism, obtain a declaration of medical incompetence and authorize a safer procedure that may leave her disabled.

Kitty disowns her parents; Claire tries to reconcile them, but nobody changes their decision. Claire and Melendez discuss how their baggage influences their advice.

Claire struggled with her irresponsible mother, and Melendez's developmentally challenged sister Gabi lives in a care home. Glassman's daughter Maddie, who became a heavy marijuana user as a teen, died when Glassman locked her out at night as punishment; Glassman has an emotional confrontation with the hallucination of Maddie, and they confirm their mutual love.

Shaun struggles to make amends with Lea, succeeding only when he asks what happened in Hershey. Lea is stunned to learn Shaun has rented a two-bedroom apartment for them to share.

Lim treats Wade who, due to Crohn's disease and a fistula , must have his gastric bypass reversed. Wade keeps his past obesity secret from his husband, Spencer.

Teryl Rothery. Christina Chang. Lea Paige Spara Episoden : 3 - 4 - 8 - 9 - 11 - Audrey Lim Christina Chang Episoden : 6 - 8 - 13 - 14 - 15 - Young Shaun Graham Verchere Episoden : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.

Ruth JoBeth Williams Episode : Blake Graham Patrick Martin Episode : Glen Paul Dooley Episode : 7. Bobby Ato Manny Jacinto Episode : Morgan Reznick Fiona Gubelmann Episoden : 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - Kenny Chris D'Elia Episoden : 13 - 14 - 16 - Carly Jasika Nicole Episoden : 1 - 2 - 3 - 9.

Steve Murphy Dylan Kingwell Episoden : 1 - 2 - 4. Mohan Catherine Lough Haggquist Episoden : 7 - 8. Matt Coyle Eric Winter Episoden : 10 - Ko Necar Zadegan Episoden : 11 - Tessa Chelah Horsdal Episode : Sonia Gloria Garayua Episode : 6.

Wilks Brett Rice Episode : 5. Isabel Barnes Marsha Thomason Episoden : 9 - 14 - Katie Kunkler Elizabeth Hinkler Episoden : 11 - Jessica's Father Andrew Airlie Episode : Ricardo Magallanes Ruben Garfias Episode : 6.

Liam's Mother Kari Matchett Episode : 7. Naja Modi Hina Abdullah Episode : Nash Dixon Jesse James Episode : 8.

Kevin Wilks Jesse Moss Episode : 5. Jenny Kunkler Emily Hinkler Episoden : 11 - Nurse Eve Gordon Episoden : 2 - 4. Kunkler Kerry Sandomirsky Episoden : 11 - Celez Kandyse McClure Episoden : 6 - Trevor Darrin Baker Episoden : 1 - 2.

Chuck Tim Russ Episode : 3. Liam's Father Tim Beckmann Episode : 7. Aidan Coulter Kelly Blatz Episode : Avi Mehta Pej Vahdat Episode : 9.

Melissa Bourne Erin Matthews Episode : Gallico Samantha Sloyan Episode : 5. Barb Allen Crystal Balint Episode : 4.

Brandon Zachary Gordon Episode : 8. Bonnie Miranda Edwards Episoden : 1 - 2. Stephanie Willis Nancy Stone Episode : 2.

Cole Carpenter Art Kitching Episode : Lorena Magallanes Norma Maldonado Episode : 6. Mark Allen Niall Matter Episode : 4.


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